Exploring Your Inner Reality: A Guidebook for Out-of-Body Travel

Heal Yourself Through Hologram Therapy


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Learn About the Healing Power of Hologram Therapy

Holographic healing is a system that helps us to identify the unconscious patterns and power constrictions that underlie any issues that we might have in our lives.

You might have a relationship problem, a health problem, trouble in business, trouble becoming successful, personality issues, getting angry or depressed day in and day out. It doesn't really matter what the fundamental issue is.

We have a tool that helps us to access the core events that underlie them. Most of our issues are unconscious, and this lets us go to those core unconscious places to discover how to solve those issues that we may have in our lives.

The model of holographic healing is based upon a hologram, and on the fact that we ourselves are holograms. Modernistic physics has discovered that it's likely that the human brain, the entire human system, and as a matter of fact the whole of the universe is a hologram. It is made of frequencies and it appears real, but it is not.

Even this physical body which appears so concrete is in reality a field of energy frequencies. If we are a hologram as the physicists aim, we are an infinite field of relative frequency, and inside our system everything is stored, all knowledge, all wiseness, the divine, all history of evolution is stacked away in the hologram that we are.

Whenever the frequencies are optimal, you have no option but to be fit, positive, successful, happy, and in a life story where everything you execute leads to a greater energy state. You may need to do a six -step process to discover what underlies your experiences in terms of the holograph therapy model of your truth. You discover bit by bit precisely what you have to do to alter the reality of your life.

This ebook includes the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1:
    About The Hologram

  • Chapter 2:
    How The Changes Start

  • Chapter 3:
    Affecting Your Outside World

  • Chapter 4:
    About Holographic Chips

  • Chapter 5:
    Healing With Holographic Memories

  • Chapter 6:
    The Research

  • Chapter 7:
    Quantum Hologram Healing

  • Chapter 8:
    The Steps Needed For Healing

  • Wrapping Up


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    Exploring Your Inner Reality: A Guidebook for Out-of-Body Travel

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