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A Guide to Modern Yoga


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If you have a picture of Yoga as some mystical “woo hoo” that takes place in the further most peaks of the Himalyas by Tibetan monks you are partially correct. That’s pretty much the perception of most people. That is until the modern world caught on to some of the outstanding benefits that the practice of Yoga brings you.

We live in very exciting but stressful times. Everything about our lives is bigger, better and faster! Super-sizing seems to be the mainstay of the day anymore. More people than ever before in known history suffer from stress and obesity. It is that frightful fact that has driven certain fitness professionals to explore alternative methods to combat these diseases.

What they have found is that the ancient practice of Yoga is not only the perfect tool to combat the stresses of everyday life it is an excellent discipline for weight loss.

What is needed is a serious discussion of the issue of Yoga in the modern world and that’s exactly what you will find in A Guide to Modern Yoga. But don’t just take our word for it, just take a look at what is covered inside the digital pages:

  • What is Yoga – discover the historical roots and the different types of Yoga

  • Movement and Posture – a discussion of the nervous system, skeletal system, reflexes and how they come together

  • Breathing – how the respiratory system works in tandem with the muscles used in breathing and posture plus a discussion of diaphragmatic breathing

  • Abdominal and Pelvic Exercises – all those important positions for leg lifts, boat postures and more

  • Postures for Standing – learn the symmetry in standing postures and what makes them difficult

  • Back bending postures – flexion and extension, supine back bending postures as well as the bow, locusts and more

  • Forward Bending Postures – the lumbar and lumbosacral forward bending postures including hip joints ankles and the feet

  • What Are Twisting Postures? – learn about the Atlas and the Axis and head, neck thoracic twisting and the sitting spinal twists

  • The Headstand – how the headstand affects the cardiovascular system as it relates to it regarding Yoga principles

  • The Shoulder stand – learn the anatomy of this position and the benefits to inverted action postures

  • Relaxation and Meditation – discussion of the autonomic nervous system and how it relates to deepening relaxation and the six postures, the geometry and the veil

  • Yoga and Your Baby – learn the Yoga basics for newborns and the benefits of Yoga throughout childhood

Yoga Resources – training options and the language of Yoga Sanskrit terminology
Written in easy to understand terms A Guide to Modern Yoga will give you answers to those just about every question you may have regarding Yoga and the benefits.

A Guide to Modern Yoga de-mystifies the shroud surrounding this ancient practice, zeroing it straight into today’s modern world. Put yourself in the hands of the wisdom of the ages while perfecting techniques for the fast-paced world you live in.
Get your copy today and get started right away. With our money back guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


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Exploring Your Inner Reality: A Guidebook for Out-of-Body Travel

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